Tips for Setting Up Garden Lights


Setting up outdoor garden lighting can be a very varied experience depending on the type of lighting chosen and the type of power needed to create the illumination for the garden. Besides the obvious need for setting up the light in an ambient pattern, there is also a need to consider electrical requirements and a method of installation that is as unobtrusive as possible for existing plant life within the garden.

Setting Up Garden Lights – Consider Your Needs

An immediate thought for most people when the phrase “garden light” is heard is of accent lighting utilized to create a soft illuminated path through a backyard garden or along a hedgerow. However, for some people a garden light is actually a practical matter. It is not uncommon to need the extra visual power of a light when trimming weeds or pruning on the shady side of the house or underneath a larger canopy of trees.

Accent lighting is largely accomplished with solar garden lights because of their lack of maintenance and the convenience of installation while a practical garden light, such as certain spotlight models with light directing capabilities, may need to be wired directly to the electric box or require access to an outdoor power outlet. Considering whether or not a particular light pattern or type will suit the needs of garden is the most key part of set up as it prevents having to undo or redo work later.

Setting Up Pole Style Lights and Similar Models

Pole style lights will require planning for the running of wires, and the basic tips presented here are relevant to other lights requiring the same. After your initial light has been mounted and placed, you will need to run the wire back to the power source. To do this with a minimum of yard disturbance, do not fully dig a trench. Instead use a spade and cut the sod of your yard on three sides and then fold it back being careful not to create a division on the “hinged” side. Run your wire and then carefully fold the sod back down.

Electrical Needs of Garden Lights

Many garden lights are solar powered now which removes the need for a dedicated power source. However, there are still models that require electricity from the home. If you have an approved outdoor outlet, then the lights can be strung to this power source. Otherwise, a hole can be drilled into the home or garage wall allowing the fishing through of the power cord to an indoor outlet. Be sure to use a drill bit capable of creating an appropriately sized hole. Some garden lights can also be hardwired directly into your power box and switched. In this instance, it is best to call a certified electrician to ensure a safe installation process.

Garden lights help create a wonderful atmosphere and can prove quite useful providing proper care is taken when setting up the lights.

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