What Are Paving Slabs?

When you invest your time and creativity to your lawn or backyard, you will surely enjoy the additional living space for your family.  If you want a neat and well-appointed outdoor space, you must use pavers. You can work with concrete paving slabs or perhaps brick. However, a paving slab will look unique and interesting.

The term pavers will refer to the flat and thin stone which is designed to be utilized on paving projects like patios, walkways and driveways. Both concrete pavers and brick can be installed in the same manner. If you want durability, these materials will surely last. However, we will get to know more about concrete pavers for your outdoor design plan.

Basically, concrete pavers are made from aggregated cement which have been poured into molds and compressed well to maintain that shape.  These paving slabs are available into different shapes and sizes as well as an assortment of colors.

Concrete paving slabs imitates the durability of stone. This is less expensive when you compare it to the brick due to the fact that the materials used are quite affordable. If you want to create an patio or walkway that has interesting patterns, you can work with concrete pavers. These concrete pavers are really uniform in size and shape. This is because they are making use of molds or forms when they are manufacturing concrete pavers.

This type of paving material is prone into surface erosion. The color can fade in time since they are only dyed with natural color pigments. The color can be washed away easily if the area is constantly exposed to the sun. You can prevent this by using sealants. This will help in the prolonging of the color of the pavers. It will facilitate easy maintenance to prevent damage and further repair jobs.


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