Fast Fixes for Common Gutter Problems

gutter problems

Gutters are very important to our homes as they help drain away the rain water. However, a malfunctioning gutter can be a bother, especially a blocked one. A leaking roof is just one of the problems you are likely to face. Fear not, here are some quick fixes you can apply to your gutter problems:

gutter repair

Leaks and holes –  One of the main advantages of going for a seamless gutter is because the possibility of a leak is lessened with fewer seams. However, if you don’t have a seamless gutter you can go for sealants both for a leaking seam and holes in your gutter. This process is known as caulking.

Clogging – Clogging is one of the major problems with gutters. With debris always making their way into the drainage do not be surprised your gutter does clog. If you experience a clog, get a ladder and do some cleaning in the gutter, though you face the danger of falling off. You can also hire a pro if you are not comfortable with cleaning. To prevent a clog altogether install gutter toppers.

Poor pitching – Gutters require the right pitching for proper drainage. If the pitching is wrong, the water will stagnate of the water will flow in the wrong direction. If your gutter is suffering from this, check the alignment of the gutter ad adjust the hunger or call the company that installed the gutter if such is the case.

Gutters sagging and pulling away – The sag can be attributed to the brackets. If the brackets were not properly installed or have weakened over time, then the gutters are bound to sag. You should buy new brackets that may cost around 10$ and fix by yourself just make sure the spacing is correct.

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