How to Winterize Your Hot Tub Winterizing a Spa

winterize hot tub

Any water feature that outdoors risks damages during the winter if no precautions are taken. Your hot tub is no exception. The most common choice for most people with hot tubs is to switch off the heating system so as to save energy as well as reduce the utility bill for the winter months. The unfortunate part is that this results in bad than in good to the whole hot tub system. The freezing temperatures will cause the water in the tub as well as the pipes to expand. This will lead the pipes to bust thus the damages. The repair and replacements that will be needed are far much worse than the energy bill you would have incurred.

The most probable choice is to drain the tub during winter if it not in use and even this requires that you seek the services of a professional. If the drainage is not done completely, the risks remain the same as in the case that it was full of water. Complete drainage is a must to spare the plumbing and other parts of the hot tub. You can blow out the water using a wet vac or blower which comes with the hot tub

Why not winterize?

hot tub winterizing

It is tempting to shut down you hot tub until the winter passes. However, you have to consider the benefits that come with the tub especially during the winter season. On a clear, calm day, you can soak in the hot tub and that the cold away as you spend time with family. Besides, if you do shut the tub own and it is not done correctly, you will suffer some consequences in the form of repair and replacement.

Tips on winterizing your hot tub

Shutting down your tub may be the only option you have. In this case, you have to be careful and take the following tips into consideration:

  • Hire a professional to do the drainage. You can work on the drainage yourself, but the work of a pro will give you the desired results especially when it comes to complete drainage of the tub.
  • If you decide to work the drainage, yourself make sure you cut off the power supply completely to avoid injuries.
  • Acquire a pump to drain the water from the tub. A submersible pump is the best in this case. There should be no water left I the tub or the pipes. Clean out the filter system after drainage. Tubs that come with flowers will require power so make sure that your spa has a power supply.
  • A wet vac is important to remove the water after the drainage completely. Use it in the jets until completely dry. There are chances that some water may remain even after the use of a wet vac. In this case, you can add some antifreeze to avoid any damages that may be caused with the remaining water. Ask a professional for more tips


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